Choose from over 35 flavors that are available as cupcakes and cakes! We have Adult Only flavors, too, infused with fine liqueurs. Any flavor listed below preceded by an ” * ” are flavors that may not be readily available. Call the DA Cupcake Boutique any time at 321-499-3968

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*Apple Ginger Caramel Apple Red Velvet ADULT ONLY FLAVORS
*Banana Peanut Butter Carrot Red Velvet Cheesecake *Baileys
*Banana Pudding Chocolate Red Velvet w/cream cheese filling *Black Cake
*Butter Rum Chocolate /Vanilla Butter Cream Reese’s *Black Russian
*Green Tea Chocolate Cheesecake S’mores *Champagne Love
*Kiwi Strawberry Chocolate Hazelnut Strawberry *Fun in the Sun (Sex on the Beach)
*Lemon Ginger Chocolate Raspberry Strawberry Lemonade *Holiday Peppermint
*Mango/Peach Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla Chocolate Fudge *Hurricane
*Manitizer Cookies & Cream Vanilla Coconut *Irish Spirit
*Maple Bacon Key Lime Vanilla/Vanilla *Lemon Crush
*Peaches & Cream Lemon *Malibu Coconut Rum
*Pistachio Mint Chocolate Chip *Margarita Medley
*Pumpkin Chai Spice Pineapple *Mojito
*Strawberry Cheesecake Raspberry *Mudslide
*White Chocolate Macadamia Raspberry Lemonade *Naughty Guinness
*Nina Lada
*NY Cosmo
*Pink Moscato
*White Russian
*Hard Apple Cider