Don and Anetta Hoyte, both from Brooklyn NY, moved down to Florida in 2011 and shortly after opened DA Cupcake Boutique. Anetta always enjoyed baking, and although she does not have professional training, she has always had a love for baking. One day her husband asked her, “Why not bake full time?” That was the initial birth of DA Cupcake Boutique. The shop is named after both of them, the “D” is for Don and the “A” is for Anetta.”

What makes them so unique is the style. The shop has a different flair to it. They don’t just have frosting with flavors, there is filling in the center of the cupcakes. Also, there is a special hint of glitter on most of the cupcakes.

Visit DA Cupcake Boutique and enjoy their amazing cupcakes which have people coming back over and over again! DA Cupcake Boutique has about 35 different cupcake flavors, which can also be made into cakes.

We hope you visit soon and find your new favorite cupcake or cake flavor.